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Thread: Donks latest toy

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    Thanks cae, there will be vids but I have a couple of other projects to finish before I get a look at this one.

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    I was just curious, are you trying to open a museum or something with all of the old machinery like that? It's kinda funny, most people going to school for machining have no idea how to even use a shaper or planer, lol. I had to explain a bit about the shapers to the students when I went to soule festival last time, they didnt have a clue of anything about it.

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    Museum, hell no these are just for my own use and in the case of the planer I was worried that someone would have bought it to scrap, they are getting rare over here.
    I was just watching your soap making vid, I mostly use deer fat as it is useless for anything else superfat it with shea butter and coconut oil, castor oil is good to add to your base fat for a better lather.
    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    Very cool old planer. planning on making lots of round things square??
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    lol, most of the deer around here dont have much fat on them, so cant use that for soap here, lol. I just used lard because it was just the way I was taught to make it, and it actually lathers up pretty well. Adding the crushed up pumice to it makes it clean like you wouldnt believe. I use it after being in the shop all day, which I am usually coated in grease and oil from the old machinery, lol. I keep everything oiled so that it'll lost forever, but evidently the machinery thinks I need oiled and greased too, lol. I cant wait to see the planer running, I love watching the belts being pushed back and forth and everything working. I think stuff like that is just amazing to watch run, what they need highly complicated electronics and everything to do today, they did with some gears, pulleys, metal bumpers, and just simple things back in the 1800s-early 1900s, and the stuff is still working where as today, your lucky to get 5-10 years out of it before it craps out, lol.

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