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Thread: Donks latest toy

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    Donks latest toy

    When I bought my lathe I noticed the guy had a nice pillar drill and mentioned to him that I would be interested should he ever decide to part with it.
    The other day he dropped in to see me and said that he didnt use The pillar drill much because he didnt have many morse taper drill bits (possibly because he gave them all to me with the lathe) did I still want it.
    The deal was quickly sorted for £225 and I picked it up on Saturday.

    I think it is the vice in this pic that makes the drill look small, the vice is big I struggled to lift it.

    The big knob is the belt tensioner

    This is the clutch setup, the belt is on an idler wheel where it is sitting, the fork pushes it sideways onto the drive wheel.

    This must be the biggest .95 horse power engine I have ever seen, it dwarfs the 2 horse one on the Bridgeport

    The whole machine is beautifully engineered from a quality maker.
    I have been trying to work out the age of it but have come to a standstill, there dosnt seem to be a lot of information on the interweb about them. It looks like a lineshaft machine but all the motor mounting setup is original so possibly on the changeover from lineshaft to electric, anyone know when that was?

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    Here's a forum you might ask. These old guys are fanatics about old engines and old shop equipment. It's a huge forum. Talk about participation.

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    That's a beast! Can't help with the date but good buy from the looks of it. I often ran a big jacobs chuck on a morse adaptor on one of our old pillar drills, tramming was suprisingly good.

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    Nice drill Donk. I too used to love Herbert machines, they made terrific capstans.

    There were three buckets of drills and reamers at the auction on Saturday. Let me know if there is anything you are on the lookout for and I can keep my eyes open. Stuff is very cheap on occasion and would easily compensate for the postage.

    The vice looks like one from a shaper.

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    That is just cool! I love it when old tools get a new life!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nudge View Post
    That is just cool! I love it when old tools get a new life!!
    Is that Donk or the drill?

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    I'm amazed it fit in your shed! I'm sure something else had to go. Is it ready to grease and go or is there a rehab ahead? It looks capable of eating a dog or a small child.


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    Nice bit of kit Donk, mine's a Herbert too, very good quality sturdy bit of kit. Mine looks a bit "newer" than yours and i suspect it's 1940's.


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    I love those old machines! So well built and when I use them I feel like I am a part of history.

    That is a mans handle on it! Just make sure it is sharp for maximal cut!


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    That is just cool! I love it when old tools get a new life!!
    I agree lots.

    Petee you are of course correct, I have shoved a load of stuff on Ebay, 2 trials bikes, 4 seagull outboard motors a reliant robin back axle etc

    TitaniumTim Looks very similar, was it allways step pulley or do you think that is a later addition?
    I like the flat belt drive at the moment but it would be quite an easy conversion.

    I like it so much I made a short video with my phone

    It is ready to work all I have had to do is rewire it, the flex was so old it missed the last change in wire color codes in 1970.

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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