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Thread: Homemade tools website

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    Homemade tools website

    It's not my fault if you get lost for hours on here

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    Super cool! Where would you guess I went first?



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    Here is another one, might take a week or so.

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    Here's yet another It's an oldie but a goody, got all kinds of stuff...

    That first link has some good stuff in it, but it looks to be geared toward and made by wood working fellas, lots of stuff made out of wood (wooden bandsaw?!?!)... I'm just imagining their reaction if fellas from here were to post on that site homemade tools that incorporate homemade castings... they'd probably freak out

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    Quote Originally Posted by demag View Post
    It's not my fault if you get lost for hours on here

    Ken from here. Thanks for the positive mention; we really appreciate it!

    There's no end to the creativity and ingenuity found amongst builders of homemade tools - and we love it all.

    If there's anything you'd like to see featured on our site, please let us know.


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    Hi Ken,

    Welcome! You've got a great website. Thanks for joining us.

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    Some good stuff there ... Bookmarked!
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