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Thread: 2x72 belt sander build

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    Yes it is. I found a new source north of Edmonton its 125 mesh. I wish I didn't buy 90 gallons of the other stuff. Oh well it might be good for the kids sand box. Let me know if you are interested in some of it. I found some different oil too.

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    A noose question here, what exactly is a belt grinder used for other than knife making. Also I'm thinking of building one, how many fert per minute should it run at, what's the difference of higher/lower speed other then the obvious one takes of more metal.

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    I use mine for pattern making all the time.... one of the most used bit of kit in the shop!!!
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    How to build a Nudge burner (oil)

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    Ya they have many uses. I think around 5000in/min is the standard speed. I used a 3 step pulley to go 20% over and under 5000. The finer belts run slower. Do build one. The first time I used one I was like WOW that removes metal way better than a bench grinder.
    I have made a little more progress I will have to get some new picks up.

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    Sdeering, where did you find your 125 grit sand, I am currently using play sand and living just out of sherwood park and I'd like to get my hands on some finer sand.

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    target sand and gravle in Morrinvill Im not sure how it will work in green sand, I use it in oil bonded, but post your results please.
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    LM125 should work fine in green sand. you might have to add a bit more bentonite though.

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    Hey glad to see you join Rupert. Welcome abord.

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    Thanks. Had to see what your sander looked like. It's great.

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    I will be hopfully picking up some belts next weekend at the Knife making hammerin. Maybe I will get some more picks up after that.

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