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Thread: Scavengers new furnace build!!!

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    Never use more than one type of metal in your crucible, you run the risk of spreading FBC's (foundry based contaminants) to your castings! This can lead to alloys with metal disabilities. Will somebody please think of the alloys!

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    Man this conversation took a REALLY weird left turn! Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagboy69 View Post
    Man this conversation took a REALLY weird left turn! Lol
    Sleep of lack do that will... I'm transferring positions within my company and have been putting in some stupid hours to try and leave my current position in a decent state. This forum = the only thing keeping me from going cuckoo on my work mates...

    I got tired of being told what I can't do...

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    'shaking from update withdraw'

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    Dang, wish i had seen this thread about, hmm... yesterday.


    seriously bad-a.

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    Too bad... I recall posting the link for you a couple days ago.

    Why is this a sticky...?

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    Presumably because

    seriously bad-a.

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    Well I sure do appreciate it J, and did get around to reading it eventually but there is a ton of good information on this forum and I could be reading for months and talking about a furnace, or i could just start building it and learn from my own mistakes.

    At some point ya just gotta do it, eh?

    I felt after having watched a few idiots in flip-flops trying to melt matchbox cars in a tea cup on youtube i was fully qualified to design and build a 50 lb Fe melting furnace... ha HA!

    I'll get through all the stickies and 'hall of fame' threads eventually. I spent almost 3 hours reading through the 'heated' siphon vs. drip oil burner threads last night, and i'm slowly working my way through anon's foundry tutorial but i didn't find it specific enough in the furnace design to be of much use. (not to say it isn't very useful in other areas and as a general overview)

    Aside from wandering off topic here, I was wondering if the crumbling lid/spalling refractory had anything to do with mixing in too much water. The refractory i used was explicit on the bag that a very precise 12-15% water by mass be mixed with the cement. I don't know what happens if the mix is off, but perhaps it doesn't set as well. I don't know jack about the chemistry of cement or refractory cement, but it would be something to test.

    Darn... i should have over-watered one of my plinth blocks and seen what would happen.

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    I really like the furnace IS... I'd like to know how it's been holding up?

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    Hey Moya, the furnace is starting to show some use but seeing as it has been in use for over 15 months it is doing pretty well. Granted I only do cast iron in it so it has a hard life. It is hard for me to say how many melts are on it, but I am guessing 180 to 200. When I do melt iron I do 2 to 4 pours a session.

    It has slag build on everything making it look worse than it is, but it does need some patch work done.

    It has gone from this.

    To this

    From this

    to this

    With the crane build coming to an end and this furnace obviously showing its wear I may build a yet bigger furnace with a replaceable liner.

    Here is some of what I cast this last weekend. Everything in the picture is presold the best kind of work! I still need to sand blast and machine these parts.

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