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Thread: Foundry equipment and consumables suppliers

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    Foundry equipment and consumables suppliers

    There's been some talk about organizing a list of backyard friendly suppliers that would be easy for members to find and reference...I've been thinking about this for a while too, so here goes:

    Suppliers with online stores

    Foundry/jewelry/pottery suppliers with a little bit of everything: -Can't forget Lionel

    Budget Casting Supply

    Contenti -Jewelry making supplies

    Legend Inc

    Lost and Foundry


    Seattle Pottery Supply

    Small Foundry Supply

    Riogrande -Jewelry making supplies

    Suppliers of tools and accessories, safety gear, parts, pieces, etc.- Not foundry specific, but very useful and sometimes hard to find things for the avid DIY'er and backyard metal caster.




    Grizzly Industrial Inc


    Little machine shop


    MSC Industrial Supply

    Roton Products Inc- Lead screws and nuts for power transmission


    Metals- Ingots and/or high purity metals for alloying:

    Metalshipper -Alloy Avenue for sale thread here


    Metals- regular bar and round stock/misc:

    King Architectural Metals -Among other things they carry hollow metal spheres that are well suited for use in ball type mullers.

    SpeedyMetals -May not be the cheapest source, but they've got almost every type of metal in every shape/size you can think of.

    Mold/pattern/sculpture making and lost wax supplies:

    Arizona Sculpture

    Hobby Silicone

    Kerr Dental Laboratory supplies -We can use that stuff too! -Alloy Avenue for sale thread here.

    Smooth on -Silicones, rubbers, urethanes etc. (distributor list)

    Tap plastics -Silicones, rubbers, urethanes, and of coarse... plastics.

    Tracy's workshop-Stain glass based supplier, but they carry things useful to us too; reusable vinyl molding material, silica flour, patinas, etc.

    Western Sculpting Supply

    Suppliers that require a phone call or "request a quote" e-mail

    Foundry specific suppliers with a little bit of everything:

    Carpenter Brothers Inc

    Foundry Products Inc

    Independent Foundry Supply

    Lancaster Foundry Supply- Great to deal with, they have no problem at all with small orders. Among many other things, they carry very reasonably priced aluminum ingot.

    Smith-Sharpe Firebrick Supply

    Specialty Foundry Products

    Metals- Ingots and/or high purity metals for alloying:

    Atlas Metal Sales

    Belmont Metals

    Sipi Metals

    Mold/pattern/sculpture making and lost wax supplies:


    Lancaster Foundry Supply


    That's all I've got...for now. Bear in mind I have not personally ordered from every one of these companies, though I have from quite a few, and I believe other members have ordered from almost every supplier on this list. I did not get into furnace construction materials because there is already a stickied thread here.

    If any suppliers are reading this and would like to be added, or if anyone else knows of any that should be added here, chime in, but please keep it short and sweet. I will try to keep this first post updated. (Site admin/moderators can help me here if they feel so inclined )
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    What a great idea.
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    Probably should add:

    for foundry wax. They handle McCaughin waxes at the best price I have found. They also sell oil based clay and other sculpture supplies.

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    Thank you, this info will reduce the ammount of Google frustration that I have to deal with.

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    @ kaleal85, welcome...and you're very welcome.

    @ Rasper, supplier added, thank you.

    @ Jammer, ....sorry....

    @ everyone, got a good supplier that's not on the list? Speak up!

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    DS Industries, we supply ceramic fiber blankets and paper. Ask for Elton! :-) Thanks
    Best Regards,

    Elton Warren – DSI Representative

    DS Industries

    tf 972-221-2222
    f 972.436.0112

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    Elton, thanks for posting! There are a number of users in the west who have recently been looking into fiber products.

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    There's Scott Sales Co if you're in the LA area and looking for sand. I'm looking for suppliers in San Diego. Industrial Metal Supply for obviously, metal. RCP Block for fire brick, etc.

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    I'm a big fan of IMS and IFSCO listed earlier! Recently found this place with good prices on crucibles and graphite rods. Not sure of their shipping rates as they're local to me so get things will-call.
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    The Casting Industry Suppliers Association provides information, education and business opportunities to help casting suppliers, foundries, and other manufacturers to collaborate and improve the industry.

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