I have some very good friends. One of them works as a wood shop teacher and heard about a furnace that was to be discarded in the district. He luckily remembered me.

Its a Johnson 510 crucible furnace. Interestingly, it has a down draft side exhaust. Twin natural gas burners.

The interior has seen heavy school use, if you know what I mean. It had about 3" of dross that seems like it turned into alumina against the bottom and walls. I got it out. It came with a #10 crucible, if I am not mistaken on size. Just going by what I saw of another on ebay. The crucible has also seen school use and has a generous coating of aluminum. The pot still seem sound though. I will fire it and clean it out.

My friend also got me a new crucible that seems like the same size.

Picture time!


I am not sure what route to go with this thing. I am thinking of using the lower burner port for a waste oil burner. Before I do, does anyone have experience firing with natural gas. Anything I should know?

Another though that entered my head was the idea of a evaporator burner mounted in the exhaust, but you'd still need to start it somehow.

Any ideas for anything are welcome.