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Thread: Vortex gating

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    Vortex gating

    Saw this video They are using "vortex" gating, something I have not seen before. I am not sure how this gate could create a vortex, I would have thought it's basicaly a curved gate and the metal would just flow through as normal. Any thoughts?

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    Whirl Gate
    Gating system in which the metal enters a circular reservoir at a tangent, and so whirls around, leaving dirt and slag behind before passing into the mold cavity.

    Whirl gating was only used for cast iron, it was out of use in the 80's, it might have come back, in large castings, it could cause errosion of green sand, in PUNB, errosion is pretty unlikely.

    I dont recommend whirl gating for the novice, done wrong, it can cause more problems then good, especially if your sand is questionable

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    W3 did a lot of work getting his swirl gates right but reckoned it was worth it in the end.

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    Just watched the video, cool slingshots...
    I found that trying to find what I need and then make it work with what I have, is more trouble than designing what I want and doing it.

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