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Thread: Best way to mark stainless steel?

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    Could you make a template and mark with spraypaint, grinding off whatever has paint on it? Lacquer spraypaint is cheap and dries fast.

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    Note on the toner transfer thing: If you can find the right kind of magazine paper, it absolutely disintegrates in water and removing the paper only takes a few seconds. Getting that thin, delicate paper to feed through the printer can be dicey though.


    I've never met a surface that grease pencil won't write on. Try warming it a bit to make the markings flow more freely?

    I'd use a paint pen if you want a more permanent marking, as grease pencil is usually pretty easy to rub off. But they're invaluble for scribbling on dirty messy surfaces that tear up the tips of paint pens (doesn't seem to be your problem), and normal markers don't work very well on surfaces that are dark colored or too nonporous.
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    Since the pieces are small perhaps you could use masking tape and spray paint the scrap edges.

    Also I use a type of marking pencil called Stabillo. Sharpens like a pencil, comes in various colors, and writes on anything. Not great with heat or water. I use it instead of soapstone. PM me your addy if you're interested and I'd be happy to send you a couple to try.


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    you have a picture of what your trying to cut out, might help to see what you working on, me I would clamp a stop in place it your working with material that is thin and I didn't want to mess it up then grind to the stop.

    anyway photos help to jar the gray matter into activity

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    Spray paint the whole thing, scribe your lines. The paint should wipe off with a bit of thinners when you are finnished.

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    An etching pen! The point is not super fine, but it chemically etches a dark mark that wont just rub off. It will sandblast off tho. Scotchbrite would probably eventually get rid of it too. The surface must be absolutely clean. I wipe with acetone first. If you try to mark a piece of steel with an oily surface, not only will it fail leave a mark but the pen is instantly garbage. That is a real bummer for a 10 dollar pen.

    You can probably find them cheaper if you poke around the net. Can probably find one with a real fine point. For semi precision stiff, i paint with dy-kem and scribe lines.

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    OK, here's one of the methods I have used. Mask off the surface you are saving and then" if you have a sandblaster"? blast the surface areas you want to remove to your given line. You can cut the tape if contoured lines are wanted with an exacto knife Once blasted and the tape removed you will have a very visible contrast between the two surfaces and heat from grinding isn't going to remove this contrasting "grind to" line. Bob
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    That sounds like a real good idea you have Bob. I can think of a lot of uses for it.
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    Blue Painters tape grind to the edge of the tape. Frisket paper also works well can cover the area make your marks remove earea with exacto knife the grind to the frisket edge

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