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Thread: what did you do in your foundry today?

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    yea, I know it was you, you actually went into alot of detail that you dont see on alot of other videos on lost wax and why I defenitely recommend it as a watch for anyone doing shell investment casting. It's also why I made sure to brush the PoP/sand into the threads and part using a thinner first coat, and brushed it on because of what you did in your video and how it would pick up the details and not get the air bubbles trapped. It was defenitely a good series to watch and I for one learned quite a bit from it, and is also probably the reason why my half nuts turned out as well as they did tbh.
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    You need about 9 layers of it. It takes several days to complete the shell. Burn out can be completed in about 2 hours which is nice.
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    Good Day Dears
    any body here work on WERTLI copper alloys horizontal continuous casting ???

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