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Thread: what did you do in your foundry today?

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    yea, I meant that cast iron doesnt like open faced molds because it lacks the head pressure to flow into all of the tiny bits like usual. Ive also heard a few other things about iron and open faced molds, but cant remember them atm. As for the iron as the metal that they were cast out of, I thought that they were done out of wrought iron rather than cast iron, which is much stronger and resillant to damage from shock. I used to watch your casting videos when I first got started, and recently saw your milling machine video. The milling machine was pretty neat and I was thinking of something similar to that combined with my shaper's design, and something comparable to an old duro milling machine, that way it could be run in horizontal mode or in a vertical mode.

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    You are probably correct about head pressure as well. It was more a test of the furnace and pouring routine than an attempt at a finished casting though. Regarding cannon barrel materials, here is a cool old google book with some info

    I'm happy you enjoyed the milling machine videos. With iron castings, I plan to make a better vertical slide for that machine as well as other tooling.
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    Nice to hear from you Bill. We've missed your input here.


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    Hey, welcome back Bill, I think I only joined up a couple months before your previous appearance, but I've watched a bunch of your videos too. I believe you are also the reason I've been keeping my eye out for one of those (cheap, used) coffee makers with the spout out the bottom for the past four years!

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    Well, I tried my hand at lost PLA, but cast the half nut in zamak, which is what I just had on hand, but here's some pics.

    They're not bad for a first try, Ill hit them with a wire wheel to get rid of the layers so it doesnt act like a file on the leadscrew, the little BBs on it need popped off still, and it still needs machined to size, but I think both of them will be quite usable tbh. The one, there was still a little bit of plastic left in the mold, it was in the firepit for close to 5 hours, but still didnt want to burn out fully, so it created a little defect on the back side of the nut, but it wont hurt the functionality of it at all.

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