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Thread: Burrell 4" Single Crank Compound Agricultural Engine.

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    OK what are you two up to with the huge upload buisness.

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    Machining the valve spindle glands.

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    Made a pair of tongs for my A6 crucible over the weekend.

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    Nice glands and tongs.
    That block is a nice piece of work.

    Looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatJ View Post
    Nice glands and tongs...
    I've said that to a few women in my day, but it didn't get me anywhere!

    Cheers Pat.

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    Machining the piston pushrods in a reasonably free-cutting stainless.

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    I had already made a set of piston rods before these, and machined up the cylinder cover to size. However, I had a problem when machining the crosshead to accept the rods. It was a blind hole and the centres had to be spot on or the whole thing would bind. The holes were 9/16" and about 1" deep: tight for a boring head. I purchased a long series endmill for the job as the best way forward. I made the error of leaving the endmill with too much material to remove and it wandered slightly, making the hole .008" oversize. There were a couple of ways I could have rectified the problem; my choice being the longest way round and re-making everything to fit the oversize holes, including new pistons.

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    You took the same approach that I would have to fix the over size problem! I hate a job that has been patched up!
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    the level of machine work that is going into this engine is just phenomenal!!! have enjoyed reading every post and eagerly await the next post. I hope to someday get close to your level of machine work


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