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Thread: Burrell 4" Single Crank Compound Agricultural Engine.

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    Thanks Donk, it came out well.

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    The mag chuck rebuild needs its own thread!

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    Dude, I'm more than happy to go with the flow but I'm not sure there is interest in it. I'm only finishing with the pictures because I know there are a couple of folk watching, otherwise I would have binned it a while back.

    The machined hex is so I can set the magnets to cross drill the cam for the handle.

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    I'm watching! Don't bin anything!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peedee View Post
    I'm watching! Don't bin anything!!!
    Of course you are, unemployed and someone's nicked yer telly - what else would you be doing!

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    There is always a time to stop for a while and learn from a master. I wasn't into the 'voice' anyway

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    Still watchin!
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    Am I misinformed, OR
    Are you just improving the supposed inferior design of something that had a 7/16 label on it???

    Are we really that bad that the original unit of the 1 inch length was taken from the width of the thumb of some ponce??

    Instead of the great measurement of the Meter that describes the circumference of the Earth, which is clearly more precise.....Earthquakes anyone????

    Back to the regularly un-scheduled program.

    ZADIG, I'd love to see a video of this perfectly machined piece of beauty working.....Dang dude, you make the best tool P0&# on the web....Sorry for any offense at saying you make P0&# ....But there are some of us out here who REALLY need to learn how to machine things like your masterful hands do.

    Just Saying....
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    Thanks Robert, Peedee and Toolshed.

    Toolshed, the hexagon was machined onto the end of the cam so I can set the magnets on or off. When I put it together, there is quite some force there, so I need some method of switching it. Once I know where the magnets are supposed to be, I can then put a handle on it and drill the cam so the magnets are timed up, so to speak. The best person to ask about imperial measurements is TopEndScraper, he knows all there is to know. Thanks for the kind words.

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