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Thread: Pneumatic Can Crusher

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    Pneumatic Can Crusher

    I thought i would add these pic's of Can crusher to Non metallic fabrication thread

    Here is some pic's of the can crusher i built. The cylinder is only 40 x 100 stroke so it doesn't crush cans totally flat so i made a wooden block covered in metal sheet to put in so that i can put drinks can back in and flatten it properly. alot of can crushers have a hole so drinks can will fall out once crushed but i decided not to. If you melt alot of cans for metal casting then a can crusher would come in use to get large amounts of cans really flat.

    The pic above shows the can-crusher with the block i put in to crush can totally flat. I have made can-crusher so that if i ever get a bigger cylinder i can remove piece of wood so it can still fit in.

    The pic above shows the block in place. I actually go through the cans with one crush then put block in place and crush them again so they are totally flat.

    The pic above shows the piece of wood behind cylinder that i can take out if i get a bigger cylinder to replace the one in picture(which i plan on doing in future)

    This pic just shows side view of can crusher. It's a self return lever that i use on crusher with 2 brass sintered silencers.

    So there's my Can-crusher i built and it hasn't turned out too bad for my D.I.Y skills

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