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Thread: Casting in Glass (pic intensive)

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    Quote Originally Posted by foamfollower
    The process of turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones can at times require the use of a large sledgehammer.

    Foundry Tutorial
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    Re: Casting in Glass (pic intensive)

    Quote Originally Posted by John Kurman
    Firing schedule for this piece: (It will vary by thickness). Took me years to dial in a crack free schedule.

    11) This goes to 11.
    I took a quick add of the firing schedule and got about 106 hours or 4.4 DAYS! A slow but safe process I guess.

    You certainly went to 11 with this project <Spinal Tap!>

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    Re: Casting in Glass (pic intensive)

    Quote Originally Posted by John Kurman
    11) This goes to 11.
    Spinal tap?
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    sort of a rock classic flick about a band..Spinal Tap...and the ?adventures? of making it to the band members amplifier goes to 11!! a good time flick if you're up for a movie!!
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    SPINAL TAP!!! :lol:

    I havn't seen the movie in ages
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    Interesting. That covers frit casting, now does anyone have any experience with pouring glass?

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    Magnificent! Thanks for sharing your timetables!
    I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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