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Thread: Google Map of BYMC Members

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    Google Map of BYMC Members

    A while ago, castingisfun was looking for other forum members in his area to possibly visit. w3 had a great idea -
    We should do one of those google maps with the balloons for everyones location.
    So I started one.

    ['url= 5188914198584.000479a91c7baa7fb9bc1]Google Map of BYMC Members[/url]


    Please note: Toolshed is now the contact for the google map.
    Email or PM me if you would like to be added. City and state are all I need for US members. For international members, city? and country (Sylar, first outside of the US added, is in Bornem, Belgium. Is "city" the correct term for Bornem?).

    I've only been adding people who ask to be added. Even if your location is shown in you're profile, I'll wait until I hear from you personally.

    When you click on someones name, a box pops up that I can add pictures and text to (I put my avatar in mine). If you want something in your personal box, let me know.

    Admin can leave this in DW or move it wherever it fits best. May be worthy of a sticky if it takes off. Maybe even its own spot on top, near or in the "memberlist".

    Some members have added a link to the map to their signature so it's easier to find thoughout the forums. If you would like to do this here is the code:
    [url= 5188914198584.000479a91c7baa7fb9bc1]BYMC Google map[/url
    You'll need to add a bracket after the last "[/url" for it to show up as a hyperlink.

    EDIT: Link updated at 30 Apr 2016 by 3D
    Last edited by donkey; 01-01-2017 at 06:47 PM. Reason: Updated the map link with the latest version. 3D
    BYMC Google map
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    this was an excellent idea.. just wish i thought of it ;-)
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    BYMC Google map

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    Cool! 8)

    Add me in! Servia 50500, Greece, E.U.

    :arrow: Nothing to do with Serbia. Servia's name comes from the Latin verb "servo" which means guard, observe. It was a "medieval" castle (still is) in the mountain nearby.


    Edit for postcode.
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    I'm at Buena Park, California 90621

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    Great idea! It is really neat to be able to see where exactly in the world everybody is at, just kind of provides the bigger picture.

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    Indianapolis (home) or West Lafayette (college), Indiana. Probably best just to add the home location.
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    I would like to be added. But I dont live in a city, my town is PORTH in the UK. Post(Zip)code CF39 9HY

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    I am in Bloomfield, ny, 14469

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    Add me as well, please! Orrington, Me. ,USA zip 04474
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    I'm located in Saginaw, Michigan 48609
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