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Thread: Joes 4x4 cnc router build thread

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    Here's the link if anybody else wants to look at it.

    Those look very good--I think they'll be much more rigid and accurate than the angle-iron thing that was originally spec'ed. And $150 isn't bad at all considering the cost of the whole machine. Especially considering that with those, you shouldn't have much trouble with reasonably light milling of aluminum.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of this thing coming together.
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    those would do super in fact you have just given me an idea...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of this thing coming together.
    And here is a start. I think I will label this this "Ugly CNC" I dont have much desire for a pretty paint job or that other stuff a lot of the guys building this go for. I want precision and reliability... thats all.

    Progress today, built the base, 1.5"x3" heavy wall tubing. This is quite stout and great pains were taken to ensue square and plumb even though the shop floor is quite literally made from dirt. I mixed this concrete by hand, by myself using sand dug from my property and cement. The shop is 24' square and this base dominates the spot I cleared in the middle. You can see a section of 8020 just sitting along the Y axis, I will weld some tabs for bolting it on next.

    Close up of the 8020 rail, the V Glide will snap into this to prove the rolling surface for the X gantry.

    In this shot you can see the majority of the expense of this build, The motors and controllers, power supply and breakout board. Behind that the prints. Also note my lucky find of bolt bins, I have somewhere around 30 or so of these that I scored for $3 each from a hardware store that was getting new ones. The bins contain the bolts, bearings, bushings and anti backlash nuts.

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    We too scored a bunch of Part bins like that, I think we got something like 200 of them (bins) and probably 2000 little containers that sit in the bins (10 containers to a bin) for like 100 bucks. Bought it from a copier dealership that was going out of business (retirement, not due to bad business)

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    I been thinking about your high speed spindle for you CNC router. Todd has the answer for the motor. RC model airplane motor with controller. Good stuff. That with the router extension and some good bearings should set you up fine.

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    Pie_row, I am going with the hitachi router to get things started. From there I may look into building my own spindle, the idea is intriguing but the cost simplicity of the router wins out for getting build done. I am still waiting on my kit from Joe, been three weeks now and he had told me it was a two week lead so I am getting antsy.

    I havent really done much more with the base thought I did add some 1" tube corner supports all around for extra stiffness because when I moved it some of the measurements were a little out... it doesnt budge now


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    OK I am looking at buying a router myself for doing some stuff with. (and part of that will be to build a router replacement. It was for down the road when you are up grading that I mentioned the RC moter idea I didn't want to forget to do it that is to mention it) I know the feeling I'm getting something for X-mass and I want it now!!!

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    No problem pie_row, I am glad you brought forward so much information on the spindle as it will certainly help to cement it into my mind.

    Got a PM from Joe on his forum and he tells me that my kit is going on the road tomorrow so I should have it by the end of next week.


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    I ended up going with the angle for the tracks. It seems one of the hybrid forum members got some of the snapin rail and it just doenst fit so well. The product itself is in preproduction and on its way back to engineering so I am just sticking to plan for now. It can easily be modified at a later date if needed. I did end up with SS 1/8 x 3/4 x 3/4 rather than plain mill rolled. When I went to the steel yard today and looked at what they had it just looked terrible. I saw better pieces at lowes but they only had two. B&B has another yard across the street for specialty metals so I went over there and looked at the stainless and it was great, ok, maybe not precision tool steel but I got rails not and they are pretty straight, as they get locked down to the 8020 every 6 inches it should true them up pretty well.

    Now that bad part, I have to drill holes every 6 inches down 48 feet of stainless. This is going to be a ling slow process with lots of bit changes I know, I bought a ten pack tomorrow I make holes...

    Also i finally got around to ordering my router and bits today. This is the last big purchase and the total is hovering around $3200, more than I had planned but I keep telling myself it is going to be so worth it.

    On a final note, a couple of the users of joes forum designed and built a power on circuit that uses a sensor to determine if there is power going to the router. They call it RoVER (router on verification) and they wrote a brain for mach3 so that if the router aint spinning the axis's aint movin'. They were offering at nearly cost ($30 shipped) and I figured for the price of one of the Amana bits I bought today (less actually) it was a must have on the build. You can override it for manually moving the router with the shuttle.

    So it is getting close folks. Should start seeing lots of pics and progress in here soon with the trucks and motor mount kits from joe due in any day and the rest of the parts in my shop. I am hopeful for my thanksgivng deadline for a cut piece which will give me a month to make Christmas presents.


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    Progress, things are gonna move fast now I hope, Joes kit arrived and I unboxed and compared to the print to check that everything was there.

    Here are some pics...

    Drilling the rails

    WD40 doing its job

    Some chip shots, I was impressed with the way this $0.49 Harbor Freight bit did, many of the holes came out in one continuous spiral. 72 holes through 1/8" 304 8 holes through the 8020 mounts below (1/4" carbon), drilled out 12 unistrut locking nuts and the bit is still ready for more (and I bought a ten pack thinking I would use them all)

    The 8020 mounts welded to the bed, two T Nuts in each one. These are the 1/4" carbon mentioned being drilled above. 1 1/2" x 1/4" flat bar that was a concrete form stake in its prior life and volunteered to become part of this build.

    The rails slide on using these T Nuts

    Attaching the rails to the 8020. I used my 5 foot level as a straight edge by clamping it either at the ends or in the middle away from whichever way had a bow then pushed the rail to the level so it was straight and screwed it down.

    Closeup looking down a rail

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