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Thread: abby's foundry [Lost wax casting]

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    Quote Originally Posted by matchbook69 View Post
    Hi, John here new to casting. I furnaced huge drill bits for ten years. We did a test setup doing lost wax processes. In order for the wax to not impregnate the metal we tried several ways. The best one was using a spray called Boron Nitride. The bits coming out of the furnace usually took 3-4 hours to remove excess material. The one test bit with BN came out and did not require clean up.. I have 200 pounds of brass shavings and am looking to build a nice furnace... good day
    your probably going to get a better return on the shaving's by selling them to a recycler and buying ingot or solid scrap for the junk yard, or sprue's and runners from a local foundry if you have one local to yuou

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    The wax is actually a mix of wax and plastic and is supposed to vaporise somewhere between 650-750 degree usually - depending on the wax
    And a normal jewellery flask with investment should soak in a kiln for anywhere between 6 and 15 hours before bringing to casting temperature - a lot of the wax can usually be steam de-waxed too either in a steam de-waxing cabinet or it can be done in a pressure cooker

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