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Thread: Construction Materials....

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    Anyone who has ever delt with Retco Alloy knows that their website really sucked, they have a new owner now and he is making alot of changes, one being a new website, free shipping on orders over $150 or $350 on steal plus adding a lot of new products, they are great to deal with and don't mind dealing with us little guys.

    Check em out


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    I just discovered these guys recently. They're local to the D.C. area.

    I'm not sure of everything they carry, but I know they carry insulating castable by Mt. Savage -- I just bought a 100 pound bag for $50. I'd bet they also carry other Mt. Savage products, including dense castable and firebrick. They sell to walk-ins, although the warehouse guy told me they don't get a lot of walk-ins for refractory. (Surprise, surprise.)
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    GRIZZLY - Tools. They were really fast, and I like the quality. I know of other folks who've bought from them and are satisfied enough to return and recommend, Plus, a free HUGE catalog!...

    RioGrande - casting stuff. Jewelry stuff. Lapidary stuff. Vacuum stuff. Altho they seem shy, and stand-offish, once you are a customer; and must login to their site, they probably will have what you need.]Online Metals[/url] - metals, and now, plastics! Very fast, east to navigate site, helpful cust assistance.. a bit on the pricey side, but will send you a 2X2 inch square of copper sheet 0.0625" thick just as soon as send you a truckload! I go there often.

    Speaking of plastics, some needs for Delrin and Nylon come about in the shop and foundry for slides, patternmaking, tubs for sand, scoops, etc. USPlastics is another one of those fantastic sites that will serve the small guy, and are courteous, and very fast in the shipping. I've bought from them countless times, and they've never let me down!

    Here's one for some 3000F Refractory - but I'll warn ya! It ain't cheap!

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    Best price I have found for mizzou.

    BYMC Google map
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    PQ Corporation will send you free samples of their silicates, including sodium silicate for core binder, slip casting, etc.:

    Move your cursor over "Request" at the upper-right, then click "sample."

    I'm pretty sure the fee for a 5 gallon sample is $2 or $20, not $200 (which would be absurd). My money is on $20.
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    That's a new use for hollow microspheres to me. :shock:
    Heat them up, mold them out.

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    For machine purposes: Hard to beat Roton for leadscrews/nuts. Acme, Ballscrews, etc..

    <edited to add: Sent out money order for leadscrews on May 29, Chose UPS Ground as shipping method, and received a beautifully packaged set on June 5th! That's 5 business days, folks! ...Stunning!>

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    For foundry supplies

    For sculpture supplies and wax

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    Columbus Clay in Columbus, Ohio. Has A. P. Green Refractory fireclay, around $20 for 55#, Lots of stuff in their online catalog.

    Jo Ann Fabrics Etc. stores have Styrofoam Beads, $24 for a bag. I'll check on size, I think it's about 3 cu ft. Expensive, but no shipping involved.

    Edit: It's a 2 cu ft bag. I could have gotten the same amout form Anon's place for $19, due to my location.

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