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    Looks like someone turned up the toaster from setting 4 to setting 493.
    Mechanical strength zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotarysmp View Post
    Looks like someone turned up the toaster from setting 4 to setting 493.
    Mechanical strength zero.
    Lolz. I wonder if a toaster in a box full of argon would work? Also, it seems odd the carbon doesn't burn/smoulder, like a lump of charcoal - which is also mostly carbon. Anyway, it was a neat experiment. If someone could get the process and production dialed in for higher quality appearance fit-and-finish, I'm sure you could make a few bucks selling this fancy-burnt-toast on e-bay or amazon
    "Things that are complex are not useful, things that are useful are simple."
    - Mikhail Kalashnikov

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    Just built my furnace, took a while to figure out how to get all the material needed.... I used the instructions from the hobbymelter, and used it on a 5 gallon bucket instead. Just fired it today, melted a can... but I didn't have any muffin pans (none that i'd part with) nor any flasks... so called it a day hehe...

    I'm in the Central/Northern New Jersey area.

    For furnace:

    Kaowool/ (East Brunswick) ($69)
    They have a warehouse in East Brunswick, so for $69+$10 handling, I got a 1in x 2ft x 25ft blanket. Uh handle the damn thing with care, it's itchy as hell, more than fiberglass. Definitely don't hug it like I did... ugh. Got tons of it left, anyone need some?

    Kast-O-Lite/Harbison Walker (Rahway) ($55)
    They don't stock it, but talked to the sales guy Nick and he ordered it for me in one week. I think he mentioned they have it at their Phila HWR location. $55 for a 55lbs bag. One bag was enough to do the 5 gallon bucket. I have one left over because I overcalculated... Also, don't try to mix it in a 5 gallon bucket... do it on a large piece of plywood with a shovel... another lesson learn there...

    8" Cardboard Tube/Home Depot (~$8)
    Sakrete 8in found readily at Home Depot

    5 Gallon Bucket/Amazon ($14)
    Couldn't find any clean bucket, damn karnak cans are always filled with the goop

    Welding Gloves/Amazon ($8)
    US Forge 400. It's blue, lots of padding. So far so good.

    Burner/Ebay ($95)
    Bought it from parkerpickensataol. Took 3 weeks to deliver, but at least I didn't have to build it. I'm planning on the waste oil burner, but wanted something quick to get me going.

    For Casting:

    Natural Play Sand/Home Depot (~$4)
    Sakrete Natural Play Sand. Not as fine as I'd like it, I sieved it with window screen, and found pebbles... still need to find a better local source...

    Quikrete Commercial Fine Sand/Local building supply store in Roselle (~$8/50lbs)
    This had better quality sand than the Sakrete at Home Depot above. I'd say 40-60 mesh but that's a guess. I mixed it with 200mesh silica sand below

    200 Mesh Silica Sand/CeramicSupplyInc (Lodi) ($15/50lbs)
    Used this to mix to get a better grade with the above Fine Sand.

    Bentonite/ (Lodi) ($30/50lbs)
    Found the place, but haven't gone there yet. Opens on Sat I believe.

    Sodium Sillicate/ (Lodi) ($8/pint)
    For core making. Same place as above.

    Paintball CO2 tank 24oz/Amazon ($23)
    For hardening core. Refill at Dick's Sporting Goods for $5

    I know I'm forgetting more stuff... like most of the tools... air grinder, air nibbler for cutting holes, welder, band saw... most of them collected over the years from various projects.. most tools from Harborfreight...

    ALso forgot my pyrometer following most from the other sticky article on it.
    12in Thermocouple ($52 from
    Signstek 3 1/2 6802 II Dual Channel Digital Thermometer ($17 from Amazon)
    1/2" copper piping, 1/2" conduit piping, 1/2" 90degree conduit, 1/2" conduit couplers ($8 from Home Depot)
    Used the copper piping to sleeve the conduit piping since the ID of the conduit is around .55" and the OD of the thermocouple is around .49". Just one drill and the whole thing is assembled!
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    New to site. Quick search on site for refractory in Albuquerque turned up nothing. I have found only one source of refractory in Albuquerque and it goes by the name of Textcast 80. Google search turns up very little.

    Anyone in the Albuquerque area know of a local source other refractories. Don't mind traveling but shipping could be the same.
    Thanks, Michael

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