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Thread: 1/3 Scale smallblock Chevy

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    Crankcase cores.jpgBenchtop cores.jpgpiston and ring spreader.jpgHead cores.jpgHead cores and pattern.jpgHeads.jpg

    I saw Dallens question about posting and decided to load some misc shots. Most of these are for the new aluminum block that I intend to add a blower to. One of the core boxes here is for the blower plenum. The crankcase cores are in the first photo and then assembled along with the waterjacket in the second pic. I kept breaking the oil control rings so I made this ring spreader shown with a rod and piston and was able to mount them with no loss. The last three show the core for one head and the core, and pattern next to the mold and finally the two head castings after shakeout.
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    Those are just ridiculously cool photos.
    What a piece of work.

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    A friend just sent me this link of the V8 running at the Good Guys Nationals in Pleasanton, Ca. a couple of years ago. We were trying to get a read of the RPM and I think the last result was 4500.

    here you go Nudge!
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    That is the nicest sounding little engine on the net. thanks heaps for the video.
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    How to build a Nudge burner (oil)

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    I would say second to none. Nice, very nice Mad-

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    I know this is an old thread but...........Sweet!!! Nice job.

    Here's your next challenge.

    Then you can proceed with this one. lol
    Sucks the video freezes at the end.

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    Next build should be 1000 cc and installed in a motorcycle !

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    Next build should be 1000 cc ( 125 cc per cylinder) and installed in a motorcycle !
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