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Thread: Simple draft and full mold patterns

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    I'm thinking of patterns that have even more under-cuts in them.
    I've thought of useing two piece plaster molds of wax or "can" foam.
    The foam would have some "give" room and I could dig out wax from a two parter - I just can't put the long burn-out time for lost wax yet.

    I'm just trying to do it the hardest way I can to start off with.
    That makes the rest of it easy. :wink:
    Heat them up, mold them out.

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    I missed this.......Excellent set up you have there.

    5:55 is a state of mind

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    Do you click the "View posts since last visit" at the upper right on the forum index page Murray ?

    If you just reply to an e-mail post and then log-off any and all other posts will not be "new" to your log-in anymore.

    I have offten wanted all the post somehow to be shown by date as more than a few times I have lost my internet before seeing all the posts.
    I get back on and it says they are not any new posts !
    Then you got to look through all the indexs and all the dates to find the ones you know are there.
    ( New "new" posts are the hardest because your not watching them.)

    Most times I look at my E-mail links without signing in before I ever do.
    That way I can think of what to say (like I do any thinking :lol: ) and can wait till they build up before logging in.
    Here latey I have been signing in a few times a day as the posts have been comeing in fast and I don't want a whole pagefull at one time.

    Forgive my run-on but maybe it will help other too as some posts are very near alike and I do think a lot of people don't check the "new" posts.
    Heat them up, mold them out.

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    Funny HHWC I only see "View unanswered posts" no "View new posts" ?

    5:55 is a state of mind

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    Of course now I see it :shock:

    5:55 is a state of mind

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    Man your fast :!:
    What I do after I'm signed in is to refresh the new posts page (this is with opening the posts in a new window)

    If others reply while you are there the refreshed new post page will show them before your E-mail does.
    Heat them up, mold them out.

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    I just go to the main page and look for the colored flag sheet page thingie.
    Open a tab per forum section, then open each thread with new posts using the "go to new posts" button, in a new tab.

    Then i spend however long reading/replying to each tab and close it, then i hit the main page again to see if anybody else has posted anything.

    I love tabs.

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    Click on veiw new posts, then open and add to favorites, then every time you want to go to the forum use that link in your fav's and it will automatically take you to the new posts every time, it works good, I have been doing it that way for a long time.


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    Sandcrab why do you withdraw the air ring? would it work to install a ring
    in the bottom of the can with a fitting through the side, or does the process of pulling the ring facilate the sand settling?

    If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.

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    Awesome! Excellent job - the best foam results I've ever seen. Glad this thread resurfaced, apparently I'd missed it, to my detriment.


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