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Thread: Wayback Machine and

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    Wayback Machine and

    I've observed on a number of occasions small niche forums like this which have disappeared without trace when the website owner for whatever reason has been unable or unwilling to maintain the site. Given the cumulative knowledge on this forum it would be a huge loss to casting enthusiasts now and for many years into the future should this site disappear.

    This forum has been archived on Wayback Machine numerous times but it appears only the main page is accessible, none of the links lead to archived threads. I don't know the reason for this but it is easy to manually submit a page to be archived where it will be stored indefinitely for anyone to access. The issue is that it is a manual process, which given the number of pages on this site, is not a practicable means of archiving on mass.

    Is it possible to have a script written (possibly already existing somewhere) to submit each and every thread on this forum for archiving? In doing so, the forum will always be there and the issue of off site hosted images becoming unavailable when users accounts are not maintained will effectively be overcome.

    I understand Wayback Machine and are the main archiving sites.


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    I know nothing about the process or the Wayback system of backups. It sounds like a good idea if someone wants to take it on.

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    Working on it, just trying to make it polite (don't particularly want to beat the crap out of either the AA servers or's crawler server)

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