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Thread: Production work is BORING

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    Production work is BORING

    After these 10, I'm quitting the rose business. lol
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    Had to detour to YT for the details but damn thats impressive work in the master!

    Cheers Phil
    So, whats your Plan B?

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    Part 2. The mold is destroyed..... Enjoy the show!
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    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war"
    -- Donald Trump --

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    Here ya go Jag, I made it a little easier for people:

    Nice work!

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    Nice roses.

    What is that yellowish syrup-like material? (I doubt it is lemon meringue pie filling ~ joke.) Never saw shell-molding done before, even if I've attempted - and failed miserably - commonplace lost-wax a few times years ago.
    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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    I always found that to be true. As soon as i learn how to do something well, I lose interest and want to learn how to do something else that I can't already do. It's been that way all my life. Production work is like slavery to me. I tried nine-to-five jobs for a few years when I got out of college. It was like prison. I would sit and look out of the window, wanting to be out there. (I guess I was lucky; back then we had windows; I hear cubicles don't have windows.) I quit my last job when I was twenty-three, fifty-one years ago.

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