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Thread: Looking for a metal caster in Upstate NY

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    Looking for a metal caster in Upstate NY

    Does anyone know of anyone in upstate NY (north of Syracuse) that has a foundry and can cast metal?

    I either have:

    A) A project for them


    B) A willing apprentice, as I need to cast a solid metal part.

    Very Respectfully,

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    can you post a photo or description, what metal or alloy and how large?
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    Sorry, im upstate but a little bit out of range.


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    quad anti rotation.jpg

    Approx 2' length. 5/8" diameter

    Do not want to cast it in separate pieces. As the coupling was a weak spot, and had to be repeatedly welded.
    As hard of a metal / or metal alloy that the forger is capable of smelting up to steel. I am willing to pay for time, and materials.

    Buffalo is not out of range, 3 hours? Pfft ... Weekend day trip, and lets me swing by my buddies place in Rochester.
    PA is not too far either, if the blacksmith believes we can do it, and can forge it in hard enough material.

    I am thinking casting this in solid Brass or Bronze would be stronger than the tubular steel that it was made out of. But I am such a noobie to all of this, anything I am thinking is probably so wrong ...

    Very Respectfully,

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    That would a difficult piece to cast, you might be better off looking for a blacksmith to forge one out steel, a forging would be much stronger than any type of casting.

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    yea, for that, I'd look for a blacksmith also to do it in solid steel bar. Ill see if I can find one for you, I know of a few in new york, so need to see if any is local enough for you. I can think of one around buffalo atm, but Ill have to ask him if he's got time atm.

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    20 minutes in the forge and done. Find a blacksmith.
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    cae2100 pinged me. Don't get on here often enough!
    Buuuut... Did I hear of someone looking for a blacksmith?
    I'm west side of Rochester.
    If you still have the original, don't think it'd be too hard to bend about.
    If you have a torch, you could probably do it yourself even.
    If it's the flattening, that's easy with just a hammer and torch.
    What is it used on/for? You mention brass up there, but if you need a certain kind of steel and powder coated to protect due to strength?

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    The trick really is, if you need to upset it before the bend, or if a plain bend can work. Really depends on what that piece is doing and how strong it needs to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironhead65 View Post
    The trick really is, if you need to upset it before the bend, or if a plain bend can work.
    Is an upset required, or is that just previous repairs?

    Cheers Phil
    So, whats your Plan B?

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    yea, it just looks like previous repairs where it's been welded back together. I dont think any upsetting needs to be done, just bending and flattening the ends.

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