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Thread: Looking for a metal caster in Upstate NY

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    Well, it only needs the upsetting, if the pinch that forms when bending is not acceptable.
    Think using a tube Bender vs pipe Bender on tube. Which is why the HF pipe Bender is called a kinker.

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    The additional material will allow stretching and folding of the steel without it bunching up. It's a trick you do when folding a 90 to make brackets for say a shelf.
    In weld land. Just cut a 45 turn the two pieces 180 reweld at the cut for a new 90 degrees.
    Otherwise you get pinches which can weaken the material.
    It also is easier to upset and bend than bend and try to elongate to reduce the pinch.

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    Looking a lot closer at the image with my pc, that's bent on a form. Smithing could do the subtle bend at the bottom, but the top looks bent with a form (hydraulic press). I can do the same with my pipe bender, the rest on the anvil. Probably no upsetting necessary. Less work too. Just a bit weaker. However, if the source was ok like that, I'm sure doing the same on a piece of 5/8" solid round would also be ok.

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    After the second bend, there is a strange pattern, is that necessary? Or can that area be smooth from the rod?

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    Quad anti-roll bar. Check your liability insurance chaps. (Don't mean to be a downer but be sure your happy to make it)

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    Sorry for not replying quicker. Had a bit of family drama last night. Teenage daughter dropped a College Course request on us (Still in high school) at the tune of $1800+ dollars. Jeez, how come teenagers just can't comprehend you *CAN'T* drop that kind of money bomb on mom and dad at zero hour without letting us plan / save for that kind of bill, and expect it to happen?

    I digress....

    Ironhead - The original piece is toasted. The top of the picture above is snapped right off. The brackets are actually parts from 2 separate anti-rotation kits for Can Am Outlander Quad Track system.
    I bought the tracks used, and Can Am didn't make a mount kit for that years tracks to mount to my newer my model year 4 wheeler. So I took a 2010 mount kit, fashioned a coupling, and cobbled together a 2010 + 2015 mounting kits to make it work.

    The custom welded couplings failed a few times, and have been nothing but a PITA to deal with.

    How this happened, and what is bringing me to you:
    Somehow a properly torqued lock nut managed to back itself off of over 3/4" of thread. This allowed the left side anti-rotation arm to drop (unknown to me). So when I backed up while plowing, the arm dropped, dug into the ground, and the weight of the wheeler snapped the thin tubular metal end off, and bent the rod.

    Note: There are 2 anti rotation arms (left side and right side) each being composed of x3 pieces. (2 pieces joined by 1 custom crafted coupling).
    Since the crafted coupling was a weak point I'd like to get away from using them.

    What I'd like to do, if I can find a craftsman willing...
    Is have someone re-craft/smith the anti-rotation arms into one solid piece of steel. x2 pieces total.
    I have the right side arm as a reference which is undamaged. So we can determine the proper length, and bends, and hole positions/size.

    Ultimately I'd like to have the arm a little bit thicker than 5/8". But even if that is not possible ... Just recreating what I have in solid steel of the same size will suffice.

    Possibly even get a little creative, and change the design a little if your game for it.

    {Sent contact information via PM}

    Very Respectfully,
    (David Rivers)

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is not to prevent the quad from rolling over ...

    This is an anti rotation bracket to keep the tracks from rotating 360 degree's... IE: Damaging the fenders.
    This is a custom fabrication, that I have already done. I am just trying to make it better.

    I will sign any memorandum for record releasing anyone from any liability.
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    That strange pattern is the custom coupling, that I'd like to get rid of. It can be smooth from end to end.

    Very Respectfully,

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    The Quad side view

    Side and rear view of the quad showing the location of the bars attached to the machine.

    Here are three more images ... Showing the location of the bar.

    This mechanics of the anti-rotation bar is to keep the bottom of the tracks (boggie wheels) located downward. or else due to the physics of the Sprocket being detached, and wrapped with a rubber track. The lower wheel frame would try to flop up over the sprocket top due to centrifugal force, and damaging the fenders.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I am working as a blacksmith in Northeast PA and could easily forge these pieces for you, if you can't find anyone closer. Looks like a few hours worth of work. I can do the work on the weekends or after-hours in the shop I work at as long as I have some advance notice. Let me know!

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    Can you get new ones???? IF so, I would start there and beef them up. In the 4th post, I thought this was some POS part off a bbq grill or a swing set. Is that thing hollow with smooshed over ends?
    Being black and photos in a dark garage make it really hard to see this thing. It would be helpful for you to take a non screwed up bar to someone to use as a pattern to fabricate one out of steel. While solid bar is stronger, it will flex more than a hollow tube. I don't know what the goal is here. I do know, cast anything for that part should not be part of the conversation. I somehow see beefing up the factory bars. This means a decent TIG welder that knows what he's doing and not some BS stick job or harbor freight mig welder hack.
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