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Thread: Tig Torch Guidance please

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    300 for a torch? Either that's funny money or a much longer rig. I don't know anything about weldcraft, only what I use. And it's a goodin. Before I'd drop 3bills on a torch, I'd spend 500 on a water rig that comes with the torch. I'm like that. I'm a value buyer that wants the most bang for my buck. Before you pull the trigger... Check out this page.
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    I followed the link, and didn't see an option for a cooler/torch package for ~$500...

    I must have missed something. I'll keep digging

    Still can't find the cooler/torch combo if there is one sold as a package. Did after some cumbersome surfing on that USAWeld site I did find a 20 sized torch with 25' cables for $160 which seems to be on par with the more realistically priced options out there. Unfortunately it appears to be proprietary to the HTP Invertig machines.

    Only thing that has stopped me from pulling the trigger on the CK225 superflex is the additional $60 to get USPS shipping. Sure I could pay $40 for UPS or a bit more for Fedex but then I open myself up to having my new toy held ransom by border crossing brokerage fees those carriers like to arbitrarily calculate.

    This purchase may have to wait until I make another business trip down into the States.
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    My setup is a water cooled CK20 Flex head w/ 25' hose.
    The 20 torch & cooler gives me a WIDE range of capabilities.
    Everything from the thinnest to the thickest that 220 amps can handle.

    Is a flex head really necessary?
    Probably not but sure is nice when you get into those cockeyed angles where you wish you did have one.

    I've put that setup through the test of non stop welding and it has yet to set off the overheat alarm.

    Is it worth the money?
    Every single cent!!!

    In reference to the Pyrex cups, Save your money.

    You definitely want the Stubby gas saver lens.

    If the cost of the water cooler is too much for ya here's a custom built water cooler one of those guys on built for a fraction of what a factory built one cost.
    They're really quite simple to build.
    Read the ENTIRE thread.
    Use a polyethylene water tank or something similar for the tank.
    Make sure it's something along those lines.
    Don't use a metal tank!!!

    If you do go water cooled, don't skimp out on the coolant or bacterial additive.

    When storing a water cooled torch, "Minimal" wraps of the lines.
    Loosely drape the lines on your bottle.

    And as Jag69 suggested, I really would go with CK.
    I haven't had a single problem with mine.

    Cup sizes?
    I primarily use a 8 and sometimes a 7 for welding steel.
    6, 7 or an 8 for welding aluminummmmmm, depending.

    Mostly 3/32 with an occasional 1/16", but not that often with the 1/16".

    Last and final suggestion.
    TIG Gloves,

    Tillman 1488

    You'll fall in love with them.
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    Another thumbs up for ck worldwide torches and especially the flexihose. Makes tigging almost like writing compared to machine provided harnesses.

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    HA! Good timing. Watch this!
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