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Thread: Air compressor back to life

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    Air compressor back to life

    A friend of mine has been given a more than 30 years air compressor. It's a 50l (15gal) one, you can find similar ones new for 150€, maybe less if you're lucky. I didn't trust the tank so we decided to replace it by a 25lb butane bottle. It was more trouble than I anticipated, had to machine some fittings, to troubleshoot some minors electrical issues (worn capacitor), a few leaks, a little paint job , and in the end, after some tweaking it worked out.

    It looks like crap but works like a charm (more like a air hammer to be fair). It's up to him to work on the cosmetic now as I've spent too much more hours on this job. I don't regret it though, it makes sense not to get rid of things you can fix.
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