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    I haven't posted in a while been chasing other hobbies like photography and lately trying my hand at blacksmithing .Still can't get away from hot metal,LOL!
    Don't know if this is the right place on the forum for this but I'd like to apologize for the pictures on my threads being unavailable since Photobucket after 9 years in my case decided to stop 3rd party hosting for free and is holding the forum pics hostage till if and when I cough up $399.00 per year for returning them. Really think it's a poor way of doing business and wouldn't mind being charged for their service but going from$0 to $399.00 is robbery(in my opinion).So again sorry but I won't be robbed if I can help it.

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    Apology accepted. FWIW, you're not the only one here with Photobucket issues. On just about every forum I've visited over the last several months, there's been somebody venting their displeasure at Photobucket.

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    Not necessary. Photofucket managed to single handedly break the internet in one quick swoop. Hope they choke on their socks. (and I'm being nice here)
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    I'm with Jagboy on this one. I still keep getting emails from them asking me to "upgrade". The first one I got, I sent back a rather scathing reply, suggesting to them that I didn't give a rodent's rear end if they ended up bankrupt. (The last sentence cleaned up for posting here.)


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    My pix got hit by the photoducats fiasco too, we all feel your pain. My strategy for dealing with it was to go back to my AA-hosted uploads, cull all the least useful pix, and be more selective about which picture to post using that space, and supplementing those pix with YouTube videos. I'm actually having a lot of fun with that, and watching the replays of the molding and pouring has revealed a.few ways to streamline my practices that I would never have come up with otherwise.

    So. No need for an apology, I'm sure most of us are just glad to see you back here posting.

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