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Thread: Question about tuyere size

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    Question about tuyere size

    I am planning on converting from charcoal to propane and have a question about the diameter of my tuyere. The reason I ask is a job Im doing (walk in closet) needs some holes drilled to accommodate for light switches. My wood (my English has gone to shit, being away for so long, so I cant remember the name for it - I would say a boring bit..maybe??) the bit has been used so much it's next to useless. So I temporarily used the next smallest size. . Thought about using my diamond tile bits, but would rather not.
    My camera on my phone sucks ass because its always in my pocket when I work .so dont know how well the pics are. Anyways, I tried to get a new one at the hardware store and they only sell the size (without buying the whole set which I already have) at something like 53mm (2.09 inches)I need 60mm (2.36 inches) The only other option was to buy a metal bit for that size. So, I was thinking I want to expand my tuyere size anyways, so maybe I should get the metal bit (but it was expensive..for me) The question is, I have the materials to do a 1" Reil burner. Would a 2.36" tuyere be to big, or not make a difference, or help with air flow?

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    2.36" is fine. Most use 2 inch or 2.5" from what I have seen. You can always neck it down..
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