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Thread: Anyone have a good link to a "inexpensive" skimmer and or tongs?

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    Anyone have a good link to a "inexpensive" skimmer and or tongs?


    I found one out there that was 17$ but they wanted 21$ in shipping!

    Anyone got any suggestions? I know a lot of you make your own equipment but that is outside my abilities at this point.



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    Most of us here build our own... Do you have access to a welding machine?

    Edit - sorry, somehow I missed the second half of your post. All the ones I've seen that are not diy creations have been way more than I would pay. Wish I could tell you otherwise.

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    Where are you located? Perhaps there is someone semi - near you that could help.
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    Wood actually works reasonably well, but is consumable
    edit: for a skimmer, that is

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    This is definitely one of those hobbies that requires some simple skills, basic tools, and the ability to pull something out of your ass that's not readily available off the shelf.

    Skimmer - 2"x2" drilled flat stock section bolted on the end of some flattened rebar. Size the rebar to comfort level.
    Tongs - Get creative with a post hole digger.
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    What metal are you working with? My skimmer for aluminium is a stainless steel serving spoon I bought from IKEA. Cost about €3 and has lasted for years.

    For skimming cast iron, I just use scrap angle iron. It gets pretty beat up.

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    Welcome to the forum lordcaine. I'm onboard with Jagboy on this one. The equipment needed for what we do isn't complex but it's expensive to buy. My tongs-welded. Skimmer-welded. Furnace-welded. etc.
    Watch Myfordboy's YouTube vids. He doesn't have a welder and gets along quite well but he's got some tools by way of skill and experience one can't buy.


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    Large spoon bent held on to a piece of bar with a hose clamp! I doesn't justify a photo!!

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