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Thread: Posting for future reference :)

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    Posting for future reference :)

    and to have time to research and look for it ^^ Materials here in the philippines are soooo tough to find.... anyway, i really want to do some really small casting for my jewelry business. I saw jewelers have this small metal container with red....... sand. I was just wondering if it is possible to prepare this sand just like what we are doing in metal casting? Cause i am not so sure if i can find this material here in the PH, cause most use plaster and machines on casting...

    So if any of you guys know something or can advice me anything, please do

    We tried casting small pcs with the sand i prepared at home, it was too small, the metal didn't went through XD
    we made a bigger opening (still, it didnt reached the pattern)

    thank you in advance
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    hey mary, nice to see you again. The sand your talking about is called petrobond clay, but alot of jewelers call it delft clay. I know that stuff is a little bit different when casting smaller objects like jewelry than greensand, but usually it's just up to pouring temperature and some air vents being cut rather than it just feeding in to a blind hole. It has to let the air out as the metal is going in, which for small parts, thats even harder to do for metal.

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    If it's not filling, you'll need to look at vacuum casting or spin casting. I prefer a vacuum setup with proper investment. I'm sure you can get satincast or something similar there in the PI.
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    My understanding is that delft clay used for jewelry is similar to petrobond but a finer grain sand, and expensive. I use SAE 30 non-detergent motor oil and rubbing alcohol to rejuvenate my petrobond but the problem with making it from scratch seems to be getting the bentone which is different form the bentonite in green sand. Maybe pouring hotter with more head pressure will help. And welcome back!
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    @cae2100 heyhey! thanks for the reply XD well ill definitly look into it and thank you for the infos and ideas on the process. waaaaaaa i wish i can meet someone who does the process so that i can have a better idea on how things are. Glad you shared proper terms XD and yes, nice to see all of you guys here again XD

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    @jagboy i hope its just filling T_T the materials needed on vaccum or spin is a little expensive XD well, expensive for me ehhehe ill look into the infos thank you!
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    @cactusdreams waaaaaaaa T_T (thank you for the welcome) sigh... i have an idea it is expensive, i just hope not very, i do want to look into it a little before i try it cause it is expensive to experiment on T_T
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