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Thread: bought these childrens play sand

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    Smile bought these childrens play sand

    i found this at toy kingdom at the mall..... i bought it for my niece not for casting XD But, it holds shape pretty nicely, so i was thinking of using it... can i? ^^
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    "Safety to all!~ good day "

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    Hi Mary,
    Nice to hear from you! Were you thinking of using it to pour metal into it? No telling what's in it or what chemicals will be produced when it burns so be careful. It could boil and cause metal to shoot back out of the mold too so be careful with that as well.


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    Ei Pete!

    Yeah..... ^^ sometimes you get too excited to forget the safety part... i was just thinking about it ^^ i think i better post a big reminder on my wall. i will test it one day, just a tiny tiny amount and yes i will study on it before i experiment. thanks for the reply ^^ i lost the bucket so i dont know whats in it anymore. Plus, since its made in china, i think there more danger to it...
    AND yeah! so nice to hear from you too d^_^
    "Safety to all!~ good day "

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    There is a place in the local mall here that also sells something similar. Not in a bucket, but they have their own kiosk/stand selling it in bulk. I was also thinking if it was suitable, and then realized the price is probably crazy out of the question. The first question I would ask is how much does the stuff cost compared to make your own? (or any other alternative) I know make your own is a pain in the behind (especially if you dont have a muller, like me). If it is cheap enough to buy a little and test it, why not?? But as Petee and you said, "be careful of chemicals" and "it's made in China", so I suggest wearing a respirator with some good protection if you try. Would be interested in your results if you do..

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    Look what the cat dragged in... Hi Mary..
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    Hi Mary,

    No idea what's in the bucket in the picture, but from the conversation so far it sounds like more than just plain sand. There's some stuff called kinetic sand that might be what KyleM is talking about. It's kind of like greensand, if greensand was bonded with silly putty instead of clay. AvE has a video or two on his YouTube channel where he uses it to make some small crude molds for casting aluminum.

    It works to some extent but from what I can tell it doesn't really want to stay rammed up, it'll sag and flow like a liquid, which I guess is what makes for half the fun when used as intended. I have used small amounts to pack into details of lost foam plaques, which will stay put if you just smoosh in a thin layer. But I really did that more just as an experiment, its way too expensive to use for making molds of any appreciable size, and I don't think it is reusable. But might save undercuts from leaking in a a pinch if you aren't sure you're vibrating your sand well enough. Might not even be what you guys are talking about though...

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    That image is for a set of beach moulding toys not sand, I think something may be lost in translation here.

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    Just came from my sister-in-laws child's 6th Bday. She got some of this stuff for her BDay. It was the first time I actually had a hands on experience of touching and playing with it. It was weird! I would say it felt more like playing with cotton candy that stuck together and compressed, but was still full of air. In my opinion, I would not even let my kid play with the stuff. Too many unknowns about what it is actually made from. Dont want any chemicals seeping into my kids hand. And like I said, if you want to try "Wear a respirator!"



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