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Thread: Had to ask..

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    Had to ask..

    Was he on his way to see you Jeff?

    Sorry, I know its stupid, but how common is the name "Mott"?

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    Tobho Mott is a master armorer and blacksmith


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    Lol, no, there's no relation. My namesake is a minor character in a book series as Caster says.

    I can only guess that the name Mott is as common as the name Smith... In the Free City of Qohor.

    Tobho had learned to work Valyrian steel at the forges of Qohor as a boy. Only a man who knew the spells could take old weapons and forge them anew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleM View Post

    Sorry, I know its stupid, but how common is the name "Mott"?
    If you really want to know: Click Here

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    Wow, that is a really interesting website you directed me to, thanks. I know it was no relation to Jeff/Tobho. Was making a joke (just because he had the name and on his way to Canada). But that surname site is definitely interesting. My mom started some genealogy research before she passed away, always wanted to continue.. maybe I will when I find the time.

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    KyleM, seeing that you are in Poland, my wife's family emigrated to Erie Pa from Poland, talking to my father in law, there used to be a large polish community in Erie when he was growing up in the 40s. Being a new comer to the region I can see the influence of the eastern Europeon culture here. It is neat to see such a diverse community of metal casters!
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    Every time I see it I think Mott the Hoople

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    HAHA! That definitely gave me a good laugh. Not because of their music, but because of a memory of an odd situation. To tell you the truth, I don't know if I have ever heard the music before or not. But, many years ago(about 20) I used to work at Borders (books and music for those of you not familiar with it). There was a local crazy cat woman type lady that would always come in requesting and ordering the craziest stuff. Her favorite was Mott the Hoople. One day after spending almost an hour trying to help her find and order what she wanted, I was venting my frustration to a co-worker. Basically talking a bunch of shit about her. I turned around, and she was standing right there listening to everything. Definitely a foot in the mouth moment. This also made me think of another time where someone asked me about Stephen Hawkings new book which was titled "The Universe in a Nutshell", and I responded "OH yeah, it's called "The Universe in a Nutsack". Besides that, sometimes I hate ecommerce, ebooks, Itunes, digital downloads, etc! I miss the days of actually going into a store, finding a physical book (or CD), ruffling its pages as I sniff it and thinking "AHHH.. thats the smell of a freshly printed book!"

    edit - Now I have to google them to see what it is.. Who knows, maybe I'll like it.

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    ok, I think I'll have to pass on this one. Googled it and it came up with some Glam-Hair rock looking guys, with a #1 hit called " All the young dudes". I think I would rather have my wife walk in on me watching young female porn than this. At least she wouldnt be wondering if I were gay or not.

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    Took me 5 tries to guess number 1..... WANG
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