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Thread: Russian meddling in US election

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    I saw that movie at the theatre. As far as I can tell, the only constant in the world since then is the Kim dynasty in N.Korea are still around.

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    I'm a little late on the defense of the "F Ya" thing. read it yesterday, but didnt comment. In my opinion it was definetly not an insult against anyone in particular.. more of an (as i would like to see it) "Eff Yeah!!" kind of like the Marine's "Booyah!" The real question is not who of us is liberal, conservative, Idontgiveafuckastive, or whatever. We live in a world where everyday decisions are being decided for us. It's time to take back our freedom and right to free speech (and other rights, like "THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS".) When has it become wrong to speak against things that are obviously against our humanity (meaning the things that have preserved and kept us Human throughout time (like a Man and a Woman).
    Ok, enough of my tirade. About the Russian meddling. I cant remember if someone here or elsewhere said "(paraphrasing) I dont recall seeing any Russian advertisements" Thats because there were no "advertisements". There was a group of people trained to study what caused division in the American public. They are basically the "Trolls" that post all the negative comments on most news story you read. They aim at causing discord, strife, aggression, animosity between the general public. A country divided is a country easily conquered. My point is, stop reading what is shoved down our throats by mainstream news, dont make judgements based on what you read on the internet (besides AA, it has almost become one of the most corrupted and least trustworthy of news out there). Half of us remember a time before computers, before brainwashing and hypnotizing the masses. I remember my home phone# (and most friends) from 30 years ago, but could not tell tell you my wifes # nowadays. Anyways, enough of my ramblings. I know the Russians had some influence on our society and election, but to what ends I dont know.

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    This won't sit well for SJW's LMAO.
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    Maybe that vid gets better after 2:55, I wouldn't know. That's all of that crap I could tolerate.

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    I think you found some mind F***ING meddling with the collective psyche. Disgruntle (deplorables) of the world unite!

    You know, its so easy to tear down but its so hard to build up. The vid cites Chinese social media as an authoritative source for his claims, how can one verify that this is actually happening en mass (as he alludes) and not just a singleton ranting. But more importantly what makes Chinese social media an authority on western culture? This is the divisive crap that creates an "us and them". Divide and conquer.

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    Its always been rumored here in Australia that the US interfered in the 1975 federal election in Australia, whether it actually happened I have no idea, but in every rumor or conspiracy theory I think there just maybe an element of truth
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagboy69 View Post
    This won't sit well for SJW's LMAO.
    Ahhh, smell the recycled plastique crap in that video

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