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Thread: backyardmetalcasting smelter kit missing

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    Why does it have to be puchase? No businesses make furnaces for sale. The best you'd get is one back yard caster making a furnace for another back yard caster. Not much difference making it yourself?
    There's a handful of turnkey propane furnaces on eBay even Amazon

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    If it's for an organization, they probably want it to have all the safety controls, auto shut off...etc. That would cost a couple zeros more than Lionel's. Maybe find a Speedy-Melt on Ebay.

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    lmao... 6grand! Best thing in this case is to tell the "organization" to farm out the casting work. They'll be money ahead if not going into production mode. I love it when reality smacks dreams right in the head... It's only metal... how hard or expensive can it be for us to pour our own steel parts..? Id like be a fly on the wall at that meeting. lol
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