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Thread: Furnace for Aluminium melting - Burner suggestions

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    Can somebody please translate that link?

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    If you are just melting scrap to pour into ingots, just make a cupola type of melter with a grate on the bottom and burner below or at the grate. scrap into the top of a hard or dense refractory stack, as the bottom melts the preheated scrap in the stack falls down into the melt zone for continuous melting. There are a couple of scrap furnace mfg that sell these, so take a look and build your own. Part of the efficiency of this design is that as you continuously add scrap in the top it preheats in the exhaust before melting, but you will probably get a lot of hydrogen gas inclusions and a loss from slag. you are melting in not the best atmosphere so lots of gas pick up or lots of oxides depending on the burner adjustments. you need hard / dense refractory on the walls since they get a lot of abrasion from the scrap dropping down the walls.
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    I'm curious as to what you are planning to do. If you are new to this, why are you planning on starting with 200kg melts. especially at 4 to 5 times a day?\
    My other point is that for the link for the burner, unless Im mistaken, starts at 600$. Thats outrageous! not sure if I understood the Alibaba link (like OCD said), but I would trust my own homebuilt 20$ system over a chinese knock-off any day.

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