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Thread: Another Gingery Metal Lathe

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    I planned my gating system as per sandrammer's suggestions. My sprue is only 12 mm diameter cone shaped, the gate is 40 mm by 10 mm.
    There is a well under the sprue, about 30 mm diameter and 2x as deep as the sprue. For the riser I used 30 mm diameter. I poured until I
    saw the melt flowing back into the riser and the sprue was flush at the top.

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    I think several things happened during this pour. Perhaps the gate is too small, but the same size of gate at the
    riser and same distance from the mold. It was the first time I poured at night and it looked much hotter than normal.
    My pyrometer doesn't seem to be working properly. I might have poured too slow near the end ( it uses a whole melt, A10 )
    Also I always seem to be running out of propane, can never get the tanks filled properly.

    I'm really a novice metal caster. So it all goes to experience.

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    Having squared the cross slide ways to the bed ways, shimmed the clamps, drilled tapped and countersunk clamps and
    gib screws. A lot of small picky tedious tasks all performed to this piece. Next comes the nervous part where I messed
    this up last time.


    Drilling the lead screw hole for the cross slide. Carefully marked the spots on the cross slide and the carriage saddle
    where the hole will need to be.


    D. Gingery suggests drilling this when attached to the bed ways. Setting this into the vice I can see why.
    So many little things on this piece. It has to be drilled free hand and there is 50 mm between the 2 pieces
    that must be drilled together .


    This is the 4 mm drill bit and it barely reaches to the carriage saddle. Looks straight vertically.
    Looks straight horizontally.


    The result is good, and I am so very relieved. I removed the 7 mm bit from the drill to check the hole


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