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Thread: BUILD - PLA burnout furnace, the controller part

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    Thanks for the heads up. It lead to some interesting reading. Good luck on the better solution.

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    With investment block casting the wax can be removed by steaming in a crab pot like boiler, no need for an autoclave unless you are using a hard wax with a high melting point. Most injection waxes melt out at 185 F. Heating of the investment block needs to be as even as possible, Uneven heating can cause the mold to crack and heating it too quickly or cooling it too quickly will also cause it to crack. One more note on block casting, If the investment block temp is allowed to drop below 500 F it can also cause cracking. Ive managed several times to drop it to room temp and have been ok.
    With shell casting and lost wax it is better to flash fire the shell. However this needs to be do in a way that the shell is evenly heated such as putting it into a furnace that is heated to 1300 F with no direct flame impingement on the the shell. Ceramic shells and blocks both expand when heated (just at a lesser rate than the wax) and uneven heating will cause one spot or side to expand more than the surrounding area and cause the mold/shell to crack. When using lost pla and ceramic shell it seems to do better if slow fire the shell like you would when block casting.
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    Kelly/DavidF, thanks a bunch regarding the reading material. So much to learn.

    Jagboy/3v0, thanks for raising lost wax as an alternative to PLA. More to chew on.

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    3 weeks to go before I get my hands back on but the PCB prototype is shaping up...

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    Design finalised, build will start (finally) when I get home in a week

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    Really nice integrated design work you are doing there.

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    A wee bit of progress... now working on getting upgraded MAX31855 chips to work over SPI

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    That's looking really slick, nice work!

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