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Thread: premature aluminium hardening

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    premature aluminium hardening

    I've recently been bugged by a problem I've never had before. Pure aluminium suddenly becomes solid whilst in the crucible, and I cant remelt it. This means that I have to throw away huge amounts of aluminium because of this. I've had this problem with two different crucibles, so they aren't the problem. Do I just have to heat it more or is there anotere problem I might have overlooked?

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    Probably just not enough heat but if you have highly oxidized metal, such as typical with melting cans especially with an oxidizing furnace environment, you may just be experiencing a lot of Al2O3, and that won't melt at your furnace temps.

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    The only time I've had that problem, it was from the addition of a chunk of zinc.
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    you may just be experiencing a lot of Al2O3, and that won't melt at your furnace temps.
    Im going to say it is 100% this^^^^^
    Only melt aluminium that from castings ie: car engine heads or gear boxs. Once you have worked things out then try other things.
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    Nudge! Where ya been?

    PS: I agree, having had many sudden freezes with crap alloy when I started, no amount of heat would bring it back.

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