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Thread: My burner does not work

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    Nothing wrong with natural gas.
    In my household supply (30 mbar here in the EU) I can easily melt small (300g) of copper in 15-20 minutes. I use a small 12 volts air mattress inflater for forced air. The furnace temperature can easily reach 1400 C.
    However, for kilogram amounts, propane is better due to the higher pressure.

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    That's about all we get here in the states on household pressure. (Less than 1/2psi) But that's still PLENTY of pressure for much larger melts. The secret formula is you must dump in the NG at least 9 times the diameter of the pipe in distance BEFORE you attempt to burn it. In english, you want to force air through a 2" pipe right? SO, must inject the NG 9X2" = 18" MINIMUM before the chamber. Conventional propane burner designs do not work on NG. They will throw a flame, but not with any real power.
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