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Thread: Eclipse

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    Wow, the moon got in the way of the sun again. I'm not gonna lie, I checked it out through my welding hood just because it was there. Neat to see but wasn't covered in totality from PA so it never got that dark.

    A guy at work asked another if he put his dogs in the house for the eclipse. I guess the news was telling people their dog would go bling from watching. You know, because dogs give two craps about things like eclipses. I asked the fellow that wandered how often he saw his dog stare at the sun. He said never and I proceeded to ask why the hell would today be any different. Dogs aren't near a dumb as some curious people and if it is to bright they're not gonna stare at it.

    If it weren't for all the warnings, natural selection would have surely claimed the eyesight of the weak minded and added a significant number to the list of people who shouldn't get disability. Some days I really wonder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhein68 View Post
    $10 buck glasses hell! Jason, someone had a pair (1) for $100 on facebook this morning!! Then selling them after the fact for "used" during eclipse.
    Funny thing is, there's nothing wrong with the guy who's selling them. He's just providing a real idiot an opportunity. Once in a lifetime.
    A guy passed around a welding lense this afternoon. And then I did the unthinkable. I looked right at the thing. Yup. It was bright. Just like the sun always is.

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    It's kind of stupid I know but after this, I'm sort of looking forward to the April 2024 eclipse, both Petee and I will be in the path of totality.

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    We had a total eclipse here in August 1999, I watched it with a welding glass. My wife immediately went into labour so I have since decided not to watch them again...... ;-)

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    I have seen several partial eclipses. They are cool but not super-impressive. However, to see a total was a completely different experience. Truly amazing. I'm sorry of some of you can't appreciate that. In fact, it was so cool I will probably travel to see it again in 2024!
    Yes I looked at the eclipse with my naked eye also. Its really too bright to see much during the partial phase. I just made sure my total exposure with out a filter was no more than a few seconds. No adverse outcome.
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