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Thread: Very compact solid fuel oven able to reach at least 1300șC?

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    Question Very compact solid fuel oven able to reach at least 1300șC?

    I hasn't access to propane, electric arc and others heat sources, only to wood and coal.

    I want to create a compact oven (with the size of a little pot) able to reach 1100șC.

    I need it for obtain metallic pure sodium using the carbothermal process.

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    Solid fuel makes plenty of heat. Your problem will be furnace volume. You need enough room in the furnace to get the solid fuel in there.

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    I don't think you can isolate sodium using carbothermal techniques. Heat and electrolysis, yes but difficult.

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    Carbothermic reactions will never yield you sodium metal.

    The only ways to make sodium are electrolytical on molten salts or by a process making a mercury amalgam that later has the mercury distilled off.
    Neither is difficult per se (if you have the right equipment) but both are very dangerous, even if you know what you are doing.
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