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Thread: I had a sample analysed

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    Haha, yeah the fun factor is definitely there - when else do you get to mix fun with molten metal and fun with water?

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    How was the sample prepared, was it a chill cast spectro disk, or just a hunk of sand cast metal?

    Sample prep method makes a difference in the lower concentration elements

    They have a lot of elements reporting on their spectrometer, Gallium, Cobalt, Scandium are pretty esoteric - wonder what weird alloy they cook up with those in it - aerospace shop by any chance?

    Surprised to see Silicon at 11%, would have expected 6% from American made wheels - possibly European castings?

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    Just a blob that melted out. He ground it flat, and laser shot it. I actually didn't ask too much about it, but I should in the future because it sounds like fun.

    The rims were from a 93 Mazda and 05ish Jeep, if Chrysler was still with Mercedes then, it could be euro casts. And yes, that shop does do quite a bit with aerospace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    What are the last three entries with Al XXX ? What does this mean?

    Those are the aluminum reference lines used. The number is the wavelength in nanometers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbender View Post
    Those are the aluminum reference lines used. The number is the wavelength in nanometers.
    So cool.
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