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Thread: Proximity sensor

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    That resistor will work fine for your application. It may even be the same seller I've bought from before.

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    Ok. Resistors ordered. I'll lay the components out on the bench and take a picture before I go hot. Which reminds me... My machines primary power requirement is single phase 220. 3 wires. 2 hot plus ground. (Actually the service is 208v). My circuit requires 120 and I really need it to work with the machine's main power switch. Is there a recommended transformer that can give me 120v plus a neutral from 208v? Most of what I see available is 220v to 110v.


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    A transformer will give you an isolated supply, not a neutral unless it's a tapped auto transformer. No problem with that though, the one you mention will give you ~104V. This does, however, mean you know have a supply with no relationship to earth which can get complicated.

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    I'm not sure what your local code is. But I've seen setups where one of the lines are used for hot and the Ground as neutral to get 110v from 220v. There has to be a breaker or fuse and a disconnect switch in the 110V side.

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