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Thread: Cartrige Brass

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    Cartrige Brass

    Is cartridge brass a suitable metal for casting?


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    I have no personal experience melting cartridge brass, but I have read somewhere that the propellant leaves a lot of oxidizing residue in the brass, so you end up with a high percentage of dross.
    What is that squeaking noise?

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    Ive dealt with a little cartridge brass, but make sure you wash them out and dry them first. I just tossed them all into a 5 gallon bucket with water, then laid them out on a towel on the ground in the sun for a few hours to sort through them. I did that to make sure there was none with live primers or live rounds still in the pile. Also, it helps to go at them with a magnet too, I found one or two that was steel, which you dont want to get those mixed in. I used boric acid as a flux as soon as I started seeing that they were turning red hot, and I didnt have much dross at all really.

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    Cartridge brass is high zinc. 70% copper 30% zinc, so you have to watch the fumes. HT1 says it will be high sulfur if it's not cleaned. I've used the alloy but not cartridges, I think it casts pretty well and melts at a lower temp than Everdur.

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