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Thread: Forge and furnace?

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    Forge and furnace?

    There is a forge and furnace taking up space in a local shop that needs to finds a new home. I dont know much about them and have not seen them myself. The forge is gas powered and the furnace is electric with a 1200f max rating. The person with them is just looking for a reasonable offer @ scrap value so im thinking a couple hundered would take them. Located in Wilmington DE.

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    Cool setup. Just too far for me.
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    Man...I want both of those.

    I want a real forge - "Forged in Fire" in History Channel has me SERIOUSLY interested in bladesmithing

    Electric melting would be awesome for me. I have plans for a detatched garage build in the near future, and melting indoors, away from the prying eyes of neighbors would be ideal!

    unfortunately, thats too far for me to go get it. Someone is going to get a good deal!

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    Here you go 4Cyl. If you have a lot of duckets.

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