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Thread: New Lathe

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    New Lathe

    Well since I don't post here too much yet, since I have not actually started casting yet ... I figured I could at least post some pics of my new lathe. Which is also the reason that my furnace build has gotten side tracked. It is a Logan 2557. 12"x35" completely rebuilt with newly ground lathe ways and everything scraped back in. I have it set in place, VFD wired in, and have the bed parallel to within .001"-.002" per foot. Sure is a big change from my little 10x24 Logan that I have had for years. And no its not blue, for some reason it looks that way in all the pics.

    Pic from other angle (at sellers):

    And a couple pics of the newly ground ways:

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    I see a major problem with your lathe tho, it's too clean and polished looking, it needs some more chips and oil on it, lol. Nice lathe, looks like it's been taken care of and restored quite well.
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    Well nuts, the best pics are not showing up. I'll try and fix them tomorrow.

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    Yes, please do... In the single pic I can't make out the tell tale signs of hand scraping work.
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    Ok, I hope you can see the pics now. I could see them before when previewing the post, but once I exited the page and came back ... all I could see was X. The original pics I had linked from one of the machinist sites I frequent.

    Being clean and pretty paint doesn't make it any better than any other lathe ... its easy to put lipstick on a pig. The real beauty of this lathe is in the ways, and the scraping that cannot be seen. Although there are a couple little items I will work on, this is probably the best 55 year old lathe out there.

    J.Vibert, the ways are ground (typical for a lathe). The scraping is under the head and tailstock, compound and carriage ... which cannot readily be seen without a bit of work.

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    Nice lathe !

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    Got a nice collet closer on it for production work. Great job restoring it.

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    You are a lucky man! Nice tool! Be Careful!
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    Whoa! Purrrrrdy. Def. need to turn down a few salmon, followed by a tree-carcass or two. That'll put the rust and smell back in 'er, right proper and true.
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    Nice restore. Who did the bed grinding for you? Expensive? Looks like it was in pretty good condition before the restoration. I see only minor chuck scars ont he cross slide.

    Did you have to drop the lead screw down to get it realigned with the lowered saddle?

    I have a similar collet closer on my Boley 4LV, and really like it. I use collets whenever possible. It is a bit of a pain screwing them in and out, bit the near perfect runout is a a luxury.

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