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Thread: Cannot buy aluminum from scrap yards???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagboy69 View Post
    You are in ORLANDO! Tons of junk yards there for junk aluminum. Think cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and bracketry. All easy crap to remove if you must.

    I seldom screw with scrap steel. The stuff is stupid cheap and new steel is so nice to work with and no rust to grind. I would start with these guys for steel. Right down the road from Kissimmee. Stay outta HD and lowes for steel unless it's sunday afternoon and you're trying to finish something important. The prices are double to triple what that place in Apopka will charge.
    Thanks, I know a couple places that sell steel but they are far away but are also in apopka. The one you linked is a hour drive, or two hours back and forth. I was hoping for something closer but if needed I can go that distance. But thanks for this link, ill make sure to visit it next time I go in that area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobho Mott View Post
    You may find some nearby members on this map:

    There's a sticky thread in the D.W. section where you can ask to get put on the map too, if you want.

    Good luck; if all else fails there's always Craig's List... Works ok up here where many people have winter and summer tires; the car dies in winter, goes to scrap heaven, leaves behind a set of summers on aluminum wheels that don't fit the new car, guy's wife starts complaining she's sick of looking at them, guy puts an ad online, accepts lowball offer to keep wife happy. Or better, he ignores the offer, then emails a month later even more desperate to get rid of them. "Still interested? Yours free if you come before Friday"... I got a few carloads this way a couple years ago that I'm still working my way through. Probably not the best way if you are casting a lot, it's a fair bit of driving around... but it doesn't rely on already having connections in the scrap metal industry.

    OK, what is the D.W. section? I don't see any sections with those initials. But I'm pretty dense.

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    It's a section for non casting related topics that don't quite fit in anywhere else, it's named after the initials of a very early forum member who had a reputation for making wildly off topic post.

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    Discarded exercise equipment is loaded with useful materials, especially treadmills, and can be found all over. Steel, variable speed motor, etc. I even just finished replacing my radial arm saw table with the MDF taken from a discarded treadmill. I think that treadmill has been completely consumed and reutilized!


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    I usually check garage sales, usually around here, people have lawnmower engines that are just garbage and just want to get rid of them but dont want to pay for the gas to turn them in for scrap since there's no money in it. They just pretty much price them so low that they're just giving them away, I think I paid 2 or 3 dollars a piece for engines last year and came home with probably 10-15 engines from one sale alone. It lasted me pretty much the whole year and I just grabbed 2 more a few weeks ago.

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    Wheel rental places are big around here. You might try them also. They get back damaged wheels all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    Wheel rental places are big around here. You might try them also. They get back damaged wheels all the time.
    You actually have places that rent wheels???? I have never heard of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister ED View Post
    You actually have places that rent wheels???? I have never heard of that.
    I was thinking the the same thing.

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    Western North Carolina is car country. NASCAR country. Cars are king. It replaced LA as the car capital of the universe some years ago.

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    We have a couple of Rent-a-wheel places in my town. Ironically, they are the only guy's I'll let touch the 17" wheels on the wifes SL. They know how NOT to screw over chrome. I was standing in that place one night and you should see the prices they get for a set of shoes bought on time! No joke, I saw some wheels and tires that were say, $1800cash go for over 6grand bought using their scheme. Those rentawheel joints are perfect for picking up scrap lead. My place says take all I can carry. Most of my tire shops try to charge for it. BUT you have to sift through the weights, most are zinc and steel. Those go quietly into the local garbage pickup.
    Hey Richard, my folks have a place on lake Normal in Nascarolina. Nice place, great people and very pretty year round. Humidity suxs.

    ... and back to your regularly scheduled AA thread... lol
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