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Thread: Hi AlloyAvenue, I'm an Industrial Videographer, foundryman & 3rd Gen Pattern Maker

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    That was intense, I have worked my entire career somehow avoiding green sand (LPPM, HPDC, and now no bake). Very cool to see how the jolt squeeze works, thanks for showing the entire cycle.

    Your website looks good, has a nice style to it

    I would suggest you post a link to the blower casting video, people here would like that one I am sure. That was some clean metal you poured, as nice as I've ever seen, you guys have some good foundry practices.

    Did you pour much 535, I am working with it now, never played with it before now, my past experience was all 356 or die cast alloys



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    Nice information, I was interested in the zirconia/zirconium section, as I'm sure all of us are interested in different aspects. I'll be following your videos, as I am too interested in the How It's Made type stuff, and love to see different industrial processes as well as the automation and specialized processes that go into the mass production aspect of it. It might be interesting to compare a industrial factory's process to a DIY backyard type process, an idea for future videos? In any case, thank you for sharing. I wanted to ask to borrow that hammer pattern but I lack the capactiy to pour it lol! Great job on the video and editing, I see some camera rails in your future, probably even a video on how to make them (I can hope right? lol

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    Amazing work Garen!
    And very nice website!

    I see that you have planned a print to cast section about 3d printing and casting, very interesting (I'm actually working a lot with 3d printing and I want to experiment with 3d printing and casting!).
    I'll make sure to visit your website every now and then to check!


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